First Aid & Safety Training

We offer free inspection of your current AED

when you host a CPR or BLS class at your location.

First Aid & Safety Training for People

American Heart Association (AHA) programs


Basic Life Support, First Aid, CPR and more 

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American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) programs

UPDATE: The ASHI brand will be rebranded as HSI (Health & Safety Instutute)


Basic Life Support, First Aid, CPR and more  

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American Red Cross (ARC) programs


Basic Life Support, First Aid, CPR and more  

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Choke Saver


We offer 4 specialized classes for choke relief. 

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Specialty add-on topics


These topics can be added to any course for minimal charge, run as a seperate topic or used for demonstrations at an event:


- Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injector Administration

- How to use an Asthma Inhaler

- Opiod Overdose and Naloxone Administration-Nasal Atomizer

- Stop Life-Threatening Bleeding



Basic Fire Safety Classes for Children & Homeowners


We offer a variety of entry level classes to learn more about fire safety.  If you have a familiy or a group, we can put together a custom class for you.  Anything from a simple 1 hour class on the basics of fire to learning how to use a fire extigusher.  Depending on location, some classes can include practical session with fire extiguishers or live fire demonstrations.



Medical Emergency Drills (customized)


Run a simulation of various medical emergencies followed by Q&A with your team.

The instructors for these sessions will be EMT's or nurses that have dealt with real medical emergencies.