First Aid & Safety Training, LLC

Here are our most popular classes

Pet Tech ® premiere Pet CPR, First Aid & Care programs


We offer a variety of Pet Tech® courses.  <Click Here>



Choke Saver


Learn how to assist someone who is choking.  We use 3 step approach on each of 3 age groups, adult, child & infant.  Listen to lecture on how to relieve choking, then watch a demonstration, and then you get to practice your skils on special choke save manikins.  You will receive a Choke Saver Skills certificate which meets standards set by MA 105 CMR 590.011(A) for food serving establishments.



American Red Cross (ARC) programs


We offer a variety of ARC courses.  <Click Here>



American Heart Association (AHA) programs


We offer a variety of AHA courses.  <Click Here>



American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) programs

UPDATE: ASHI brand will be merging into HSI (Health & Safety Instutute)



We offer a variety of ASHI courses.  <Click Here>



Basic Fire Safety Classes for Children & Homeowners


We offere a variety of entry level classes to learn more about fire safety.  If you have a familiy or a group, we can put together a custom class for you.  Anything from a simple 1 hour class on the basics of fire to learning how to use a fire extigusher.  Depending on location, some classes can include practical session with fire extiguishers or live fire demonstrations.



Medical Emergency Drills (customized)


Run a simulation of various medical emergencies followed by Q&A with your team.

The instructors for these sessions will be EMT's or nurses that have dealt with real medical emergencies.



Firearms Instruction (more than just LTC training)


These courses are offered by our partners at Safetey First Firearms Instruction.